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Originally Posted by buba View Post
i have enjoyed where you guys have gone with this made me hungry

tom--i was wondering can you get the "pigeons" with a bb or are you talking pellet rifle 1000 or 1200 feet per second???

I have done a pretty good job taking care of all the pigeons that dirtied/pooped up the window sills of my place ==1000 feet per second pellet rifle works for me
I have an old Crossman Co2 BB pistol that is surprisingly accurate. I'm not the greatest pistol shooter but if I hold it steady enough it'll hit what I'm aiming at. A couple of weeks ago, when my wife was out of town I made the shot of the century.
Pure luck, but I was aiming exactly where the BB went which was right between the eyes of a rabbit that had been coming in my yard and eating the grass down to the dirt. I was about 50 feet from him and popped him from a park bench where I was sitting. He dropped and never moved again. Eat my grass, will ya? Ha, no more.

Anyone know anything about the Beeman (Beaman) .22 pellet rifle that Wally World sells for $130 ?
It's supposed to fire at 1800fps and has an 8X scope. I'm a pretty fair shot with a long gun so those pigeons will be in danger if that gun is any good.

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