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Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
hey casper, welcome to the forum...

i know that disappearing feeling. i've been building and maintaining cell towers for 15 years up until recently when i crashed one of these wonderful bikes and i'm currently grounded with a seperated shoulder.

been all over the country, sometimes on a moments notice. i'll get calls from friends to go out partying and thats when they find out i'm i texas on a 1500' tower or something...

this forum is amazing. have fun!

Small World -

I used to build cell phone towers in a previous life. My highest one was for American Tower in Colby KS, (a small 1500' FM, guy wire tower). While up high, A&L work, (Antenna & Line), about 800', we saw a vehicle roll up on us, break into out trucks, all he took was our lunch boxes: he must have been desperate to feed his family because he left laptops and tools all in safe order, truly unbelievable!

I said, "No blood, no foul…" – we never called the cops, we just wrote it up for experience.

I fell in love with anything chopped, channeled, or modified years ago. From custom work from old cars, bikes, to the young kids building street cruisers. My old man worked IBM in NorCal, living in the area of San Jose, Saratoga, Fremont, etc. I saw the local flavor of low-riders, custom paint, back yard engineering, in short, all good stuff.

When working a Data Center in San Jose, 3 years ago, a buddy called saying Oil & Gas needs more nerds, so here I am.

In this world of mass produced crap, I have always enjoyed the artistic craftsmanship of home builds, something I've been instructing my young boys with. I grew up in Wyoming, having lived on a working cattle ranch. The NorCal thing was when I visited friends and my dad.

Other projects currently underway are: a lifted 4x4 cargo van, a 75 Torino, (my 12 yr olds project), and an oldcoach wagon, circa 1880. A bike build now makes perfect sense, right?

I'm rambling....

Very happy be here, looking forward to bloody knuckles, messed up paint and parts that don't fit. Looking more forward to visiting with those who have gone before, thanks all.
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