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Ya know, I'm really good with math but, durn it, I just don't feel like calculating or guestimating right there at the pump. Some long while back I got a bottle of decent two-stroke oil that had this built-in upper chamber with certain ratios marked off: 40-1, 32-1, 20-1, 16-1. So I bought a gallon-plus gas can too.
Any other oil I buy for the bike, I put into that same bottle. When the gas can is nearly empty, I buy precisely a gallon of 87 octane. I then squeeze the right ratio of two-stroke oil into the upper section of the oil bottle, and add it into the gas can. Shake it like mad, and I'm done. I keep the thing in my shed. It's a matter of preference I suppose, but this is what's easiest for me.

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