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Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Hello, SB

You mentioning the Puch or Tomos forks as working in a bike made me remember a question about that I have had.
Will the bearings that are normally used on a 1" bike fork stem work on the moped fork stem, I have seen that many are 26mm on the mopeds but I have no experience with messing with the moped stuff, seen some cool looking forks that has and was wondering if I could use a set of them with standard bike head set hardware?

Sorry dracothered dont mean to high jack here, just seen this as a good oportunity to ask this question and thought the answer could help others as well as my self know what can be done with the moped forks.

Peace, Map
If the steer tubes on the moped forks are 1" then I would have to modify them because mine takes a 1 1/8 forks.
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