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Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Suzuki K-10 forks will fit and are awesome forks, but the legs are wide enough apart that you would need to come up with a longer axle for the Worksman wheel. A hassle for sure. Something from a moped will work nicely and your axle on the Worksman would be fine. Something like a Puch or Tomos would work. A nice thing about a triple tree fork is that it extends the front wheel several more inches, essentially stretching the frame some.
Hello, SB

You mentioning the Puch or Tomos forks as working in a bike made me remember a question about that I have had.
Will the bearings that are normally used on a 1" bike fork stem work on the moped fork stem, I have seen that many are 26mm on the mopeds but I have no experience with messing with the moped stuff, seen some cool looking forks that has and was wondering if I could use a set of them with standard bike head set hardware?

Sorry dracothered dont mean to high jack here, just seen this as a good oportunity to ask this question and thought the answer could help others as well as my self know what can be done with the moped forks.

Peace, Map
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