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Originally Posted by xseler View Post
The rich folks call 'em "squab" when it's on the menu ......guess it sounds!!

I work at a big box store with a garden center. I also am less than enthusiastic about pigeons.
Thats right xseler, good ole squab, around the country folks they are likely to call them something like bridge chickens or something like that.....LOL!

Ain't never ate a bad pigeon, dove or quail, those are some good eating birds, those yellow breasted medow larks are good eating also, I've eaten many kinds of wild birds, black birds ect. people think that is strange now days but thats how people lived for thousands of years, they lived off the land and ate many different animals, I grew up eating Armadillos, Alligator, birds, deer all kinds of birds even some rattle snake and several kinds of fish.

fixed up right most things can be pretty good eating.
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