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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
If you ever get the chance to go to the roof of a commercial building where pigeons roost, I guarantee you'll never eat another one. They are the only animal that I know of that builds its own nest and raises its young in its own feces. That is a fact. I've seen mounds of the stuff with eggs and/or young birds nestled in it. The stink??? You wouldn't want to be near it.

Ever hear of Legionnaire's Disease? It originated from pigeon droppings (feces) that was found in the fresh air intakes of a building.
Still want to have them over for dinner?

Tom I'll still eat them birds any day, none of that stuff bothers me a bit, raised in the country, I've eaten just about anything that walks, crawls and flies in my life, I don't plan on eating the birds poop and I never heard of wild birds eating their own poop, but I guarantee that if you ever went to a chicken farm or a turkey farm you may not ever eat another bite of those two birds for sure, the chicken and Turkey that comes out of stores and restaurants is way more unhealthy and polluted than just about anything found in the wild.......

My Dad worked for a Turkey raising company many years ago called Swift, he wont eat a bite of store bought Turkey still to this day, he remembers seeing them clean out the holding areas, drying the Turkey crap, grinding it and adding a certain amount of it back into their feed for bulk, if you ever go to a Turkey farm and smell what its like there, you'll know that smell well every time you walk into someones home when they have one in the oven because the smell of the Turkey poop is very noticeable when a store bought Turkey is cooking........ I only eat wild Turkeys and I raise my own Chickens free from all the growth hormones that store bought chickens are normally full of, chickens from the store usually go from hatching out of the egg to your plate in 6 weeks.....! this can only be done with drugs and hormones, chickens and Turkeys don't grow and fill out that fast on there own eating grain.

So..... to sum it all up here......heck yeah I'll eat those pigeons Tom, main thing is that they haven't been drinking lots of toxic water form road side puddles and such, dont have to worry about that around here much.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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