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Default Re: Fred's (Cr Machine) motor Ordered!

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
As long as the petcock is above the carb, you can just add a longer fuel line that will loop down and then back up and you shouldn't have an issue getting fuel to flow into the carb.

Also you may be able to just remove the petcock and screw a 90 degree brass barbed fitting into the tank and then use a small inline shutoff valve, not sure what the petcock looks like since I never seen one of those frames up close, so I'm just slinging ideas out there that may be possibilities.

provlem with the longer hose is that when the hose is bent at a horizonal curve the gas intends to stay there and not go down as it should. my hose is literally 4 inches long lol i do want it longer because the gas gets sucked into the carb really fast and the petcock is not a free flowing petcock as i "thought" it would be. As in when u switch the lever into the on position the fuel SHOULD jus flow right out of it and thats not the case... im also using the brass one since its shorter and i thought it would be better at the flow compared to the on and off petcock i previously bought.. took apart the silver petcock i bought and noticed that the gas DOES NOT flow downwards but instead goes thru a small hole and sits in the chamber while there is another hole that dumps into the fuel line if that makes sense. Thought about drilling thru that petcock and having a straight hole dumped directly into the hose and have an inline hose shut off lever so i could make the hose longer and curve it. I think this gas tank frame is horrible at where they put the petcock lol Also thought about either jus adding a rear gas tank or a keg style gas tank under the seat or just go ghetto and get a rear rack and strap a small red gas canister to the rear lol Really sucks because if it werent for this gas problem the bike would be awesome! instead of the bike shutting down on me at times and having to restarting it back up. pita. I will post a picture of how the fuel line is setup later tonight when i get home. But i will say this bike is A LOT of fun and i get attention all over when i ride and the best thing is, cost me $2 to fill up full tank on premium lol
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