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Default Re: Fred's (Cr Machine) motor Ordered!

Originally Posted by dumpstercrusher View Post
yea i know, i used to have my old motevelo/spb expansion chamber but i wanted to change out to arrow motorized torque 2 exhaust. should be coming in the mail any moment. Damn, i have high hopes for my motor lasting that long then lol but my BIGGEST problem is my fuel empties out so fast cuz its short due to the fuel getting stuck in the line.. i need to find a way to fix this so i can ride for longer periods of time without running out of gas.... i know has a petcock that is at a 90 degree, maybe that could solve my issue with a new fuel line to help but i just done know. my motor sits to high for the line to be like it is on a bike with a fuel tank
As long as the petcock is above the carb, you can just add a longer fuel line that will loop down and then back up and you shouldn't have an issue getting fuel to flow into the carb.

Also you may be able to just remove the petcock and screw a 90 degree brass barbed fitting into the tank and then use a small inline shutoff valve, not sure what the petcock looks like since I never seen one of those frames up close, so I'm just slinging ideas out there that may be possibilities.

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