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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Hawks? I love 'em. They keep down the pigeon population. I hate pigeons. If they roost on a building down town they're pigeons. If they're out here in the suburbs people call them, "morning doves". Bull, they're pigeons and I hate that stupid noise they make. The Colorado red tailed hawk takes care of a lot of the problem and I help them out with my BB gun.

What was Mother Nature thinking when she made pigeons and squirrels? Two of the most useless, nasty and destructive creatures in the world.

Wow, talk about highjacking a thread.................


Well Tom I will say also they can be a pain in the neck, but I love eating them.....Pigeons are very good to eat, just breast them out just like you would breast out dove and pull the meat off the bone dip it in some egg and milk mixer, roll in some seasoned flour and fry those suckers up, set them aside covered in a bowl, in a small skillet fry up some sliced onions in a small amount of oil until they are soft, through them over on the pigeon and cover, now.... get out a good size skillet and make up a pan of white cream gravy, just as it first starts to thicken remove from heat and now throw pigeon meat and onions into gravy, put back on a very low simmer heat and gently stir around until gravy starts to thicken a bit more, now remove from heat, put a lid on it and let it sit for 10-15 minutes......yum yum, you can do squirrel the same way if its a young squirrel and not a buck squirrel with cods the size of walnuts....LOL those bugger can be tough so you gotta boil them for a good while like you would an old Jack Rabbit then you just make squirrel and dumplins outta him...yum yum...again.

you can also take those pigeon breast and leave meat on the breast bone, cut a large Jalapeno Pepper into four parts (cut it long ways) put one of the slivers against breast bone and now wrap the entire breast in a nice slice of bacon, put a couple tooth picks through it to hold bacon on the breast and now put those sucker on the grill and cook slow to medium until bacon is very crisp, pull out the tooth picks and enjoy some dang good eating....

when you kill those pigeons go ahead and get the ultimate revenge and eat them...........and when you go to the restroom the next day you can laugh and say......take that you freaking pigeon......! LOL!

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