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Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Just had an idea........BING!

maybe I'll just get out one of my old pump up sprayers, fill it with HOT water add a little dish soap and bingo......semi high pressure hot soapy water sprayer...... gonna have to try this one now.....! cheap, easy.... and no electric power required... my own pump up bike wash..LOL!

I was just going to suggest hot water and detergent. Not sure which brand of brake cleaner Map is using but what I use is like paint remover. In fact I've used it for that. It is a highly aggresive solvent that, yes, will cut dirt, grease and grime but will also attack most any painted surface. Read the label.

Another option is good old WD-40. It will clean oil, grease and dirt and not harm the paint. Stubborn greasy stuff, chain lube, bearing grease, etc. might require a second cleaning but WD has always worked for me. I don't use it for lubricating anything but it has other uses.

Sorry we've highjacked your thread, Biknut, but you started it by showing us pictures of your pretty bikes. We just want to see you keep them that way

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