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Default Re: Fred's (Cr Machine) motor Ordered!

To answer you question on the bike seen in the speedo pic, yes it has almost 1000 miles on it now, stock BGF engine, still runs like a champ, fixing to do some upgrades on it though, new upper wrist pin bushing, clean jug ports and match them better and a Dax head with a better squish band just to see what the changes those three things will make in how this engine runs and if I will see a noticeable power increase.

one of my other oldest BGF stock engines has right at 2000 miles on it now and it still runs great, gonna do a couple mods to it soon also, want to just freshen it up a bit and change the upper bearing in it, could be getting a little weak by now after 2000 miles of high revs. by the way got these miles on these engines running 80:1 mix of Opti2 oil.... good stuff..!
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