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Default Re: Excited just obigated a Trike from KC

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
When the west was being settled, some people who had traveled all away across the country in wagons got as far as the Rockies. They saw those mountains and said, "screw it" and that's why there is a Denver Colorado.

Dang-it...........! I bet thats right.............!

I bet some just got frig-in tired of traveling and said, hey there is a river over there, we got deer and other game in the woods, we got fire wood and logs to build us a cabin, lets just settle right here in this valley and call it home.....
Those were some tough people back then, wish I could go back for a while and see some of my kinfolks from those days long ago, moms side came over on the Mayflower and dads side came from England in 1721 finally wound up marrying in to the Cherokee and Choctaw in my tree limb and had great grandparents that grew up to there younger teenage lives on a reservation, would be cool to be able to go back in time a little at a time and see how things really were for the early settlers of this great land, I'm sure Hollywood shows has never done it justice.


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