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Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
You asked about removing the present pedal from the bike frame. My guess is that the pedal being built into the engine you are choosing is designed so that pedaling forward moves the bike forward, then freewheels while not pedaling and giving a smart kick backwards on the pedal is how you manually start it. Pretty slick! The Tomos A-35 is set up like that. So, you end up with just one sprocket at the rear wheel corresponding to the engine sprocket. Left hand side, in other words.

If indeed this is how your intended engine is set up then your perfect solution is to remove the little bottom bracket extention from the bike frame and hang the engine under the frame. There should be plenty of room. But I wouldn't cut it off until I knew for sure how the engine was set up. This would give a low center of gravity and make the bike handle nicely all the while looking good. Cool motor!
Here is where one could get it and it is $299 plus $30 shipping.

Yes SB I'm leaving the BB there until I have the motor in hand and see where it will go. Thanks for your help so far.
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