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Default Re: Fred's (Cr Machine) motor Ordered!

Sorry about the wait for anyone looking to see what I've built Using the GT2a-s frame which I was VERY excited when it arrived along with my suntour front shock forks. The bike isn't completed just yet, want to change out the tire color and the seat color for a better look, but that will come in the future. The frame needs to be re painted in my opinion, but too lazy to re do it again so Im perfectly fine with the way it is till it bothers me. Onto the pics!

Now earlier today I did run into a problem. Since my motor sits so high due to the sick bike parts motor mount my fuel line was curving and not allowing gravity to take place and push the fuel into the carb. This caused my motor to completely shut down on me which totally sucked. It's hard to see in the picture but the clearance is just so small... I can take another picture tomorrow and post it up. I ended up cutting the fuel line to make it as short as possible to allow gravity to take its place. Then after my 23 mile ride earlier as I was coming home the bike shut off again due to the same problem with the shorter fuel line so when I got home I smushed the air filter as much as possible as a pancake and tried to bend in the metal outer part to give it more way. Hopefully it will work with no problems tomorrow when I take it back out. I also do want to change the petcock to the gold one since that is also shorter which would help in my situation. RIDE ON!
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