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Default Re: Fred's (Cr Machine) motor Ordered!

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
One thing I learned about the wireless speedo is not to have my CDI ignition to close to it or it will cause interference and the speedo will malfunction, I use the cheapo china made wireless speedos that can be found with a quick search on ebay, had one of them on each of my bike for several years now and not one of them have gone bad yet, I've had to replace batteries at least once but that is all I've ever had to do to them, they can be had for really cheap if you just order direct from China and dont mind waiting a couple weeks or there are US sellers that you can pay the mark up to and get them a lot quicker.
pic i included here shows one of them that is on my Huffy Karaoke bike.
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36T is the largest sprocket I have on any of my bikes, someone can correct me if I'm wrong here but I think it has been said that generally you can expect 1 MPH increase for every tooth reduction from the 44T or 41T kit sprockets, this can only be true to an extent though and will also be determined by other factors such as mods to engine, weight of rider, tires, wheel bearings, oil mix and overall run quality of the engine, mine do have higher top speeds going from 44T and 41T sprockets but the speed increase/difference between the 36T and the 41T is small on my bikes, the main difference is that my 30mph cruise rpm dropped to a comfortable level with the 36T versus lots of vibes at 30mph with the 41T, the top end speed difference is most noticed going from a 44T down to a 36T, low end pull with the 44T was great but comfortable cruise speed was just about 25mph max before vibes were just out of hand and engine was wound up pretty tight, I also have a 34T on one bike and it is really nice, tops out flat ground no wind at 42MPH {sounds like she's gonna blow} and cruises pretty nice at 32-33mph I'm 5' 10''@215lbs and all my bike pull me up the inclines I deal with around here pretty good, if I get a good head of steam before I start up a couple of them.

Hope this helps.

You have a lot of miles on that motor lol Any problems with it or does it still ride strong? I had a speedo I bought off ebay a while ago on my first bike and everytime I went to ride the bike it would reset constantly, so I figure it was caused from the vibrations and basically trashed it. Now the new one I have is awesome. Love it and the accuracy is good. How do you like the 34t sprocket? My chain on mine seems loose a bit so I figure if I drop it to a 34t sprocket i will be able to take another link out and it should be where I want it. I can't even tell that I changed from the original 44t to a 36t lol still lots of torque from low end and doesn't seem to need a lot of pedaling as other people talked about, but then again im not running a stock motor lol Hit my max speed earlier today, got to 37 mph with a backpack that Im going to guess was at least 30 pounds (carrying my tools) and with a stock exhaust with a hole drilled out the bottom to create low end torque. It seemed to be pretty fast I must say, but I thought I would of at least broke 40mph.
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