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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I put some shrink tubing on a ground wire. When I did the wiring on this bike, I forgot to put shrink tubing on the wire before crimping the eyelet connector on (the ground wires are bolted to the luggage rack and the seatpost clamp bolt). So I covered the end of the wire with electrical tape, meaning to find a more permanent solution later but forgetting. My bike got a little wet the other day, and my lights went all wonky. Neither my brake light nor my headlight would work right by themselves, only if I activated them both at the same time. This morning I disconnected and reconnected the ground wires from the battery, and both lights returned to normal operation. I had other things to do on the bike, and didnt really think too much about the ground wire being insulated properly until now. I knew if I didnt take care of it right away, it would bug me until I either did take care of it or forgot about it again. So I went down, undid the crimp very carefully with a pair of diagonals, selected the shrink tubing I wanted, cut a few lengths, slid it over the wire, crimped the connector back on, pulled out the lighter I keep in my pocket (I dont smoke anything, just carry a lighter in case I need it), and shrunk the tubing, then bolted the wire down again. Lights still work, so I didn't screw anything up.
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