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Done it both ways, as biknut said, the correct ratio of oil/fuel is the most important thing, I would also as it was mentioned turn petcock off if putting oil in first, only way oil will separate from gas is if the bike sits in very cold conditions and the mix is Castor oil or some of the synthetics claim they can do the same, as long as the bike is being jostled around there will never be any separation of oil and gas.

Get you one of these and carry it in a pack or a pouch you may have on the bike along with the extra 2 smoke oil, a very simple way to get the mix right, just put the fuel in, look at the volume gauge on gas pump and then add proper amount of oil for that amount of fuel, if you know how to figure onces from a pint up to a gallon it will be an easy.
Here's a link to the Mixmizer Syringe:
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