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Default 10x14x15mm upper wrist pin bearing

Last week while doing a search for something else I came across a company that has caged pin/needle bearing that are 10x14x15mm in size, I ordered two of them, I like the 15mm width of these bearings better than the ones I bought from motion industries because the 15mm width keeps the bearing from having so much room to slide back and forth on the wrist pin.

I also ordered two bronze bushing from

I'm gonna pull the head and jug on my Huffy bike engine clean up the ports install the Bronze Bushing and add the Dax head with the better squish band, add a cap full of the Maxima 927 castor to my Opti2 oil/fuel mix without changing anything else with the engine or exhaust and see what my results are. May even try a 50:1 mix of straight Castor 927 in this engine and see what my results are also, sure want that Bushing lubed well and Castor is a dang good lube under high heat conditions.

Below are some pics of the KT10x14x15 needle bearing from bearings direct.

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