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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Today I drained the oil, removed my clutch and gearbox, tightened all my crankcase bolts then loosened them one at a time to put blue threadlocker on. Put the gearbox back on, tightened everything back down, and put fresh oil in. What I used to do whenever I changed the oil was have a funnel and a jug and put the funnel right under the oil drain hole, but I always spilled oil everywhere anyway. The bike is down in the basement right now, and I couldn't spill oil all over the place down there because we share the basement with out neighbors. So instead, I put an oil pan under the bike and just let the oil drip. Much less mess, and I can pour the oil into the jug when I'm done. I'm doing the oil this way from now on.
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