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Default What exactly is a "Schwinn" bicycle

I've decided I'd like a classic, retro cruiser for my next build. I'm a bit puzzled by the discrepancy between what I see in the stores and what I see on websites. The bicycles shown on the Schwinn website are more high end, and don't include any of the models I see being sold at Walmart or Target, some of which can be had for less than $100.00.
I know that Schwinn is now owned by Pacific bikes, which is just an importer. The Pacific site lists their brands, but when you click on the Schwinn link, it just takes you back to the Schwinn website.
I am led to conclude that:

1. The bikes I'm seeing in stores aren't really Schwinn's.
2. The bikes I'm seeing in stores are a second line, el-cheapo imitation of the real thing, made specifically to be sold in those stores.
3. The models I'm seeing are discontinued models.
4. If I went to an actual bicycle shop, I might see the models shown on the website.

Any or all of the above true?
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