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Default Re: Fred's (Cr Machine) motor Ordered!

Originally Posted by graydog8josh View Post
how fast does it go? if you dont have one you should get a speedometer. I ordered mine on amazon for a few bucks and they sell them at walmart too.

also, if i were you id play around with mounting solutions, with my arrow i took an old engine mount shaved it down about a half inch on a milling machine and that made my motor with the large head fit better under the frame. the arrow reed valve is a side shot so it fits better. also if you have different length rear mounts you can account for sprocket size/chain length a bit better.
well after i get comfortable to actually full throttle it i will (loose chain is in the back of my mind). i have a speedo but i havent installed it. bought the bontrager trip 1 with heavy duty wire. I think biknut reviewed it and said it worked pretty well and was accurate so i decided to buy it. I think the walmart ones are cheap and wouldnt withstand the vibrations th motor makes and will constantly turn the speedo off, that is "my opinion" because i bought one before with a thin wire and it would shut off and turn on. Only recorded the low speeds until i reached 15mph n shut off lol i will be installing that tonight or tomorrow but as a reference, on a 44t sprocket i managed to hit 35-37mph as my top speed weighing in at 187lbs.

with the arrow kit isnt ur reed kit angled sideways? so the clearance would be good. Since im running the gt2a-s the fuel peacock is directly above my intake filter with only a 4 inch fuel like lol so short.
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