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Originally Posted by Master-shake View Post
hey biknut, is that red head on there spaypainted or what? I'm looking to do a color-scheme to one of my engines, all blue with all the edges black and faded into the blue center. I don't remember if oriely had 1200 degree paint that was any other color. I'm sure they had the 500 degree paint in other colors, just not too sure on 1200. also, did you have to prime the engine? Or should i just douse it in rubbing alcohol?
The red is VHT Flame Proof header ceramic paint. 1300-2000 degree f. Really it's kind of overkill, and takes 7 days to cure. I didn't do any prep work except clean the head with electrical spray cleaner.

Dupli-Color Engine Enamel works just as well, and it's only 500 degree f. That's what I used on Stunner.

the best place to buy the electrical cleaner is walmart. It comes in a red can.
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