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Default Re: leather and Motorized bicycles

I just saw this thread and am signing on. The leather work I've done is different. No tooling, so it will be interesting to follow what you're doing. 'My experience is with either harness leather (made Indian saddles, bridles and other horse stuff. The decorative part was in the pattern of the hand stitching and bead work added on, pony beads and that sort of thing.) The other work was in thinner leather, some deer hide in making medicine pouches and mostly using elk hide which is stronger and more durable. I made a lot of mukluks, moccasins, wallets, cell phone cases, pouches, medicine bags, ladies purses, draw string bags, prayer pipe bags, knife handles, knife sheaths, tomahawk sheaths. Stuff like that through the years. Since I've been fooling around with motorbikes I've made leather grips for all my bikes, most with foam core for comfort, some of them fringed and some not. And have done a number of bike seats in both elk hide and harness leather which is a lot harder to work with. Did some behind the seat gas tanks covered in harness leather which I'm not doing for sale anymore. I've been wanting to make saddle bags out of harness leather but haven't gotten around to that yet.
No, I don't want to do stuff to sell so don't ask. Thanks anyway. I did so much stitching at one time in my life that I got burned out doing it. Haven't made mukluks or moccasins for years now.
I did make a couple of beading looms so I can teach my ten year old grand daughter how to do some beading this coming winter. And I suppose she's going to want to make some beaded moccasins. Grandpa has a soft heart, so moccasins here I come. Ha!
Like anything else, this leather work is something you can learn.

Paul, please do some in process pictures and share what you know. It's a cool thing to customize our builds making them even more expressions of who we are. For me re-doing a seat or making my grips is just another aspect of building a bike and no different than painting the frame. Fabrication can take many forms and it is all satisfying, especially learning to do things we've never done before. Don't badger Paul too much to make you stuff or it won't be fun for him anymore. Have him teach you how you can do it yourself and then the fun is yours.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...

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