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Talking Re: Building a mono-shock frame to mount any size tire or engine.

Originally Posted by MotorBicycleRacing View Post
Who is building the frame?
Looking forward to seeing any progress and the finished bike.
I am, as soon as I take ownership of a MIG welder.
I would just as soon not have to to build it myself but I can't find anything remotely close to what I want, except maybe a full blown motorcycle frame, but I still want it to have working pedals.....even if I never actually use them. Motorcycle frames are just overkill, not mention the cost.

There will be lots of pics. I'm done building motorized bicycles after only one. LOL
No sense in continuing down that road until I have a bike frame I'm happy with. A bike frame that can swallow potholes and anything else at speed and spit them right back out.
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