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Default Re: Kenny from Texas

Originally Posted by Highwaystar View Post
KC should pay to advertise here. He should give a little back to the places that let him (and you) advertise for him.
Really Highwayster? That is how you feel about me and that I have come off as some 'know it all' that gets crones to expound my skills or something?

Apparently you have not seen any of my help and advice posts that have nothing to do with business here over the years and the thanks I get from the tips I have learned and shared.

I have nothing to sell here and I even talked to the powers to be about some paid ad space but if it's not a product ready to ship so no go, I don't sell parts and don't like shipping completed builds anyway but I will and did so for KenX, you can see the whole topic on a his 2-stroke shifter and why I don't like to ship here

What I can't understand is why you disparage me or a happy customer that simply wanted to share his experience on his own here and going to drive 1200 miles to get the electric trike I built he wants now because it is just too big to ship complete and be happy for him and I both as he will have two nice modes of transport that won't let him down.
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