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Default Re: Kenny from Texas

Originally Posted by Highwaystar View Post
We know you like KC's does KC. He is the best. He knows more than the rest of us. And no one builds more bikes.

We get it already.

KC should pay to advertise here. He should give a little back to the places that let him (and you) advertise for him.

Just sayin'.
...first off i want to get it out there that i don't know KC nor do i live anywhere near Arizona, i live in RI which is near 2000 miles away. i'm not a schill for KC, feces, we haven't even traded posts here in open forum so i have nothing to gain by polishing his brass.

...but all that being said it doesn't take long for a noob like myself to trawl for information and quickly learn that KC is one of the guys around here who knows what he's talking about, he ain't the only one for sure but i believe i've read enough of his posts to know he means what he says, that counts for something with me.

...and not for nothing but if you look through the list of threads he's authored i'd say he's shared an awful lot of information with this community, i know i personally have learned a fair bit by reading his posts and i'd guess i'm not the first noob to benefit from his sharing his knowledge and experience either, ...he is definitely not here just selling bikes.

KCvale's threads least that's MY take on it.

just sayin'

peace, bozo
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