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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by bigbutterbean View Post
Don't even get me started, lol. This is going to be a long post. I suppose this story starts with me gathering parts for my 98cc cruiser. I bought a sprocket adapter from a forum member, known as the Howard adapter. Designed by forum member Sgt. Howard to fit the Huffy Cranbrook stock rear wheel. I did not have a Huffy Cranbrook stock rear wheel at the time. When I got the adapter, it was too wide to fit between the spokes on the wheel I had. Not Sgt. Howard or the seller's fault. But I paid good money for it and wanted to use it. I contacted another member to see if he would be willing to trade me his Cranbrook wheel for my wheel and some parts I no longer needed. He assured me that the Cranbrook wheel was in "like-new" condition. He shipped it to me, and I shipped out my wheel and parts. I did my best before going through with the trade to detail EXACTLY what condition my wheel and parts were in. The wheel was not in perfect condition, but very well serviced and taken care of, and just needed a bit of trueing. I received his wheel, and it was in nowhere near the condition he had described. It was badly out of true, the bearings were shot and the dust cover was almost completely shredded. I honestly do not even know how he was driving it (maybe he wasn't being honest with me at all, maybe the wheel was in a junk pile and he dug it out when I first contacted him). I had enough parts and the skill to rebuild and properly service the hub (it aint rocket surgery). So I did that, and took it to the bike shop to have it trued. They told me when I brought it in that it was so damaged that it would never be 100% true again, but they would do the best they could. At this point I figured I would get whatever mileage I could out of this wheel, and replace it later if needed. After driving my bike for about 2 months, I began to notice the back wheel was a bit wobbly. And by this I mean that when I was servicing the hub, I adjusted it properly and put it back on the bike, and I grabbed the tire and the wheel would wiggle. At first I thought I must have centered it wrong, so I re-centered it and the problem seemed to go away at the time. But not too long after that, it did it again. This time it would not go away, no matter how much I fiddled with it. I decided at that time to replace the wheel, and drive it carefully as-is until my replacement arrived. I found a Wheelmaster wheel on Amazon with a Shimano coaster brake for $40 shipped. Ordered it, and a few days later it arrived. I took the adapter off the Huffy wheel, only to find that it would not fit between the spokes of the Wheelmaster wheel. So I took the Shimano coaster brake out of the wheelmaster wheel and put it in the huffy wheel to see if maybe the problem was with one of the old hub components. Nope, problem still there. So I continued driving the Huffy wheel, because it was the only one that my adapter fit. A few weeks later, I was looking over my rear wheel and grabbing it by the spokes to turn it. I went to grab one spoke, and it moved quite a bit. Further inspection revealed the spoke to be broken near the flange somewhere. So at this point, I decided to see if I could order a replacement wheel from Huffy, since I knew that my adapter would fit a Huffy wheel. The replacement from Huffy arrived today. Again, removed the adapter from the problem wheel to install it in the new wheel, only to find that it would not fit between the spokes yet again. At this point, I'm like, are you friggin' kidding me? I have now paid for two wheels that my adapter would not fit. Sick of it, so I decided to take the hub off the old wheel and lace it into the new rim. Followed a tutorial and laced it up. I'm not going to attempt to true it, so I'll drop it off at the bike shop one day this week. I've just about had it up to here with this wheel bullcrap. Next problem I have, I'm ordering a different adapter. Might want to do that ahead of time actually. What a freaking waste of time and money this has been.
Whoever said there was no need to reinvent the wheel was full of horse poo


I refuse to use a rag joint to mount a sprocket to a rim, I have one bike that has the sprocket welded on another with a jackshaft.

I am going to build a simple cruiser for my brother but want to use a disc brake rim to mount the sprocket.
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