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Default Re: Noobie, newbie, etc

My personal opinion is that these bikes are more dangerous to uneducated (safety wise), inexperienced builders/riders. There is always a possibility of a wreck, but once you know how to build and ride safely, the risks are drastically reduced. I had two wrecks a few weeks ago. While I still feel it was partially the cager's fault, if I had been more careful they wouldn't have happened. I learned from those mistakes, and I don't expect any more accidents in the near future. I always wear a helmet and I've got good brakes, but I recently installed street tires and wasn't careful enough in wet riding conditions. I also believe that a shoddy rear wheel may have been partially to blame, which I didn't catch in time and now that I have I'm replacing it. But just like guns, these bikes are only dangerous in the hands of the wrong person. I'm not afraid of guns, I'm afraid of the people that use them irresponsibly.
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