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I used to run an ht engine. At first, I was ok with the power it made. I pedaled up hills and liked the speed on the flats. But once I realized I could make it better, I tried to. I added a pipe, a hi-comp head, did a few other things. Had an electrical problem, and it was the straw that broke the camel's back (had a lot of other problems along the way, dumped about $1500 into that bike). A buddy offered me a 98cc 4 stroke for $50. The bike cost me $800 altogether to build (new frame and built the entire bike piece by piece), and has been much more solid and reliable from day one than my ht bike ever was. And the kicker for me is that the 98cc engine has more power stock than my ht did with the performance parts. I've gone 4 stroke and I'm NEVER going back to an ht. There are other 2 stroke engines out there with decent power that are solid and reliable, but the ht's just aint it.
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