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Default Re: Noobie, newbie, etc

Are those 20" wheels? I can't tell but the exhaust looks pretty close to the ground, which would definitely make it a little small for a btr. That said, it could make a pretty cool drag bike. There was a forum member here who built a similar drag bike and it was wicked cool. If you still want to build a btr, I have a couple suggestions. I'm by no means a btr expert, just eyeing up your bike and putting my $0.02 in. A layback seatpost would put the seat over the back wheel, which is pretty common on btr's. The forks seem to have a bit more rake than I'm used to seeing on btr's, but some here do use springer type forks on btr's. Drop handlebars are also very common on btr's for a tucked in, more aerodynamic riding position. But I think a larger cruiser frame would be better suited to a btr build. Consider turning this into a drag bike (banana seat and straight handlebars, and maybe a nice fatty pipe along with a smaller rear sprocket for a bit more speed).
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