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Default Re: New here and new to MB

supposedly the shift kit i'm installing will let you do that in 1st gear. My bike has a 30 tooth 1st cog.
Yea my bike is a 99 model Marin, got it 2nd hand off craigslist a couple months ago. Went on my 1st ride in about 10 years and got completely winded on just minor hills and I decided then I want a motor.
Was going to do electric since I don't mind actually peddling but the cost of batteries for those and having to replace them in short amount of times led me to the 2 stroke.
I found out that the kits rag joint sprocket will in no way hold up to my 6'5" 300+ lbs so was going to get a clamshell adaptor then come to find out thats 1/2 the cost of the shift kit which gives the ability to climb hills even with my weight and still be able to cruise so a shift kit it is.
Just waiting on that, ordered it friday evening. I got the 2 stroke motor from enginesonlineshop for $152 shipped to my door. Not bad especially considering I couldn't find anyone else to ship to me in the great state of california, LOL.
Anyway I think this will be pretty straight forward, the only thing I need to modify that I know of so far is the front engine mount.
My down tube is a OVAL shape, meaning it is longer then it is wider. The mount from the engine, the tube fits in there but there is a lot of space wich i plan on using some PC-7 Paste Epoxy and saran wrap to fill that gap then I just need slightly longer studs in the motor mount.
The rear mount is perfect, well I mean with just the engine but I cant mock it up yet till I get the shift kit that actually mounts to the frame it looks like.
Anyway heres a pic of the bike im putting together.
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