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Originally Posted by Otero View Post
I passed a young woman going the other way a few days ago on a
newish Gitane road bike while I was pedaling under power uphill in
the opposite direction. She threw the most contemptuous look I've
had since Ive been riding motorized bicycles.
I thought to myself,'just wait 'til you're 65 and have broken as many
bones as I have.'
Lately I've been doing more pedaling on a regular bike than riding one of
my motorized bicycles. I pedaled by the same gal yesterday wearing my new found
Adidas on my cruzerized Raleigh mixte and she smiled but didn't recognize
me. 'Tis nice of her to recind my leper status, I thought.

Ya see, it's not quite that way where I live ---- the land of lazy-arses. When I ride in my neighborhood, you see all these nice unridden bikes stored in the garages. If the people are outside, you see this look of -- 'if only my bike had an engine on it, I just might ride the thing'.....
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