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Default New to all of this

I haven't really used forums, or motorized bikes, or bikes, or small engines. My name is Code (said like Cody) and I live in Houston, TX. I am going to be building my first motorized bike so I can get to school. I get paid from a summer job in a week and plan on starting right then, so I'm trying to do all my research before that. I will try to use the search as much as possible but I'm so lost I may just end up asking a bunch of dumb questions and get scolded for it. I found an engine kit I want to get online that'll I'll send a link to, and I like the cruiser look, especially the ones with the fenders and luggage racks. My main question as of now is, if I get a multispeed bike, how does that effect the engine mounting process versus something with basically just a chain and some pedals? And with that multispeed how could I remove any wires and the handlebar part of it if possible when putting the engine on? I hate the way the part for the multispeed looks on the back. I've also been told that it is easier to deal with front braking bikes because I'm looking for something easy.

This is one proposed bike (multispeed):

And a single speed:

This is my engine:
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