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Default Re: Felt on-line?

I finally found the time to dig into the Felt thing.

There's no problem with shipping to Canada or anywhere else for that matter. The problem is: If you are a dealer for Felt, you have agreed to deliver thier bikes in person, (assembled)...In other words the customer must come into the retailers store and pay for thier new Felt bike in-person. After that, they have no problem shipping it anywhere you'd like.

Tell me this wouldn't make an awesome motorbike!!! Photo attached. Felt has some really nice bikes...Pricey but I like thier designs.

I had a good customer come in the other day; he has been eyeing the GT Duece that I was going to build for myself. Quote: "I want you to build that for my wife for Christmas" Damn I wanted it...I can't tell him no...he brings in way to much work for the shop. Oh well, maybe I can afford to buy a Felt from the profit off of the Deuce.

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