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Default Re: Is there a Canadian version of this site?

the further ahead you move the tensioner assembly the higher the chain will run,clearing the weld and eliminating the rubbing noise.if you add a few links and move tensioner back,you will get the same result.but the chain will behave differently at rear compared to closer to engine.also,trying the pivot in the other holes to increase tension/travel will improve your odds.

there are several variables in tensioning your chain,try them til you get something that works.also,keep chain lubed,one stiff link could cause jamming in the engine sprocket tires keep tossing stones into my chain,jamming and so forth.broke a crankcase over this.

disappointed? yes. giving up? No.
like riding? Definetly.
i could never call this dependable,as a 12 km ride is never a problem,unless i ride it to
work.then someting always happens.

princess auto,napa and auto value all carry the chain,probably box of ten feet,enough for a couple chains.
remember to ask for a couple 1/2 links,will get you closer to your goal.

im running a used chain from a garage door opener....yes,it fits.stanley if i recall.

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