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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Today I went to the postoffice and shipped off the last TWO CDI "CLONES" I had built and "TESTED" to a freind . So rode around the back out skirts of town cause it was such a beautiful day . Coming around back into town I spotted one those speed check trailers up ahead . Maybe a half a mile in front of me . Just then the Overland PD rip out in front of me and pulled the car way a head of me over. Now I'm at the trailer and its not reading my speed. It appears that cop was using the trailer in his speed trap. Then when I got home and opened all my mail and e-mail found I been given a instruction manual on how to install kickstand , like I'm a newbie or something . My chair suffered the worst when I fell out of it laughing my a$$ off.

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