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Here is kind of my thoughts on why parts are kind of high. You can buy a engine kit for say $180.00 now if you can turn around and buy all the parts for an engine kit part by part for $100.00 you would be able to save $80.00 by just buying the parts. Manufacturers don't want you to buy just parts so they price the parts so it will cost more if you build a engine/kit by just buying parts. You all getting my drift?! I know that these parts don't cost to make what they are being sold for. We have to remember all of us have to make a living and these bikes are not yet a necessity more of a fun toy so I can't really gripe if the rings cost $15.00 I'm not going to be able to make these parts at home not at least for a long time so I have to pay to play just like everyone else. I wonder if a guy would be wiser to buy an extra complete kit just for spare parts like parts you can't make. So far for me that's not happened but I'm sure it will if I keep playing with these things. If I had more time I would like to see if these things like rings piston etc. could be cross referenced to a engine that's manufactured say in japan or like use parts from a Chan saw but then again there is the price those parts are more than likely to cost even more. I re ringed my home lite weed eater 7 years ago and the cost for the one ring was over $20.00 but I have used this same weed eater for years and I have yet to wear it out. So the bottom line is we have to pay to play darn it. The price of gas keeps going up and we all are feeling it I work for a major oil company and we are working hard to get the oil for our county's needs and I feel the cost its hitting my wallet like all of you. I don't get any discounts at the pump. Sooner or later things will change I hope for the better. I'd like to see a electric battery that will take a charge in 10 to 15 minutes and be able to propel a family of 4 for over 400 miles comfortably before needing a recharge and be affordable for all but that is my dream I hope to see that happen. In the mean time $15.00 is high for a set of rings but where else you going to find them for a less price?
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