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N. Kat

I also believe in climate change, warming and cooling, been happening since creation, I don't believe in man made climate change, It's good way for the politician pushing it to make lots of money and scare people away from a largest and best natural resources we have in north America and allow the rest of the worlds economy to go racing past us.

The ice age that once had north America covered in hundreds of feet of ice in some areas melted do to the natural climate change cycle that was put into play at the beginning of this planet as we know it, no planes, trains or automobiles back then and as the climate changed the ice melted, man can pollute the water and air with chemicals that can harm us, animals and plants to an extent, but one Volcano eruption puts more pollution into the atmosphere than mankind could do with oil, gas and coal in a few hundred years and has been doing it on a regular basis for how long now?

I fully expect this post to be deleted and/or moved...... just had to speak my mind on this topic because I truly believe the people shoving this theory down everyones throats are doing much more damage than good to this country even though I know that many people involved in the extreme GREEN movement have really good intentions, I just believe people are being mislead on this issue.

Just my $0.02 worth on the topic, but hey we all have our opinions don't we.

Peace, Map
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