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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

My replacement mirror got here today, so I swapped out the broken one and put my new blind spot mirrors on as well. I also played around trying to improve my gas tank mounts. Its a Whizzer style (repop) 4 liter tank. The mounting hardware was designed to fit a fat frame, and I have a skinny frame. I rigged the mounts to begin with, so today I was just trying to make them a little better. I still have to ziptie the petcock to the frame to keep the tank from sliding around on the top tube, but I think I made the rear tank mounts a little sturdier, having upgraded from cheap thin sheetmetal to the leftover handlebar clamp that came with my mirror, which I didn't use to mount the mirror because my front brake mount has a mirror mount built into it. The only down side was that it took me almost 2 hours to do all this in the heat today, which was no fun. But the upside is that the only thing left to do is swap out my rear wheel when it gets here. That part will be a piece of cake. It will take about an hour probably, but still not that difficult, just time consuming.
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