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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Huffydavidson View Post
I opened an account @ Crow Cycles and made wish list order for payday. Called in a warranty with another SITE VENDER . Then I waxed the bike .
I ordered a center kickstand from them fr my 98cc cruiser. Priority shipping was a little pricey (like $12 or 15, can't remember), but worth it. It was the extra tall adjustable black kickstand. Its a quality kickstand, but be forewarned if your bike doesn't have a tab on the bottom of the chainstays to hold the kickstand in place, you will want to upgrade the mounting bolt and lockwasher. The lockwasher that came with it was fairly cheesey and failed when I tightened the bolt a little tighter. But other than that, its a very quality piece.
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