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Angry Cursed bike destroyed CDIs

OK I think I just bought a cursed bike. I just bought a non functional one, with no spark and replaced the magneto, thinking that was the problem, still no spark. So I thought I would switch out the CDI from the broken bike with one from my other motorized bicycle that was running great the day before. Still no spark. Switched the CDI back to the running bike and now the bike that was running great yesterday has no spark. Wires connected right blue to blue, black to black, etc. Measured output from magneto of both bikes, and there was output on the multimeter, by that I mean pulses were put out, although voltages were really erratic. What could cause the CDIs to just die? Are they really that sensitive? Also checked if the plug wire and boot were continuous, and they were. I'd really hate to spend 50 something bucks in times like these for 2 new CDIs. Anybody have any ideas?
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