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Looks like a standard 66/80cc 2 stroke chinese bicycle engine. People in the know call it a 66cc. Most venders that sell them call it a 80cc.
It looks like it's ready to go except I don't see any screws holding the clutch arm cover on. You will need to make sure this is screwed down tight for your clutch to work. And if someone had this off they might have lost the bucking bar and bearing that fits in behind the clutch arm.
Also, Don't forget to MIX the gas with 2 STROKE OIL. straight gas will blow your engine. It's a 2 stroke, like a chainsaw or whatever, It needs 2 stroke oil mixed with the gas. For now, untill you find out if it runs, I would mix it according to the directions on the back of the 2 stroke oil bottle. Later you can play with mix ratio's, synthetics, ect.
So find some screws for the cover, then see if the clutch works. It should lock the rear wheel to the engine and release it with the clutch lever pulled in. If the clutch don't work get back to us, We'll talk you through getting it to work.
As for the screw you need, Just take a good one to your local hardware store and look in the metric section. I dont know the thread pitch off hand, but it should be easy to match up.
Good luck bro and welcome to the forum. But if you haven't been to the "Introduce yourself" section, please do so now. It's just proper forum etiquette.
Looking at the pics again, It looks like the rear engine mount is not tight and right. It looks like someone tried to make it tight with electrical tape. This WILL NOT work. Your engine will be loose and will throw a chain in a heartbeat. This is probably why there wasn't a chain with the bike. The guy threw a chain, twisted it up and threw it away. You have to get the rear mount right before you can even try to start it. Do not use rubber to mount it. Some people try and it almost never works. You can try a half round peice of steel pipe to take up the space. Just slide it in under the rear mount strap. The best engine mount should be metal to metal.
When you can grab the engine and grab the frame and try very hard to move the engine, and you CAN'T, then it's tight enough.

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