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Default Re: How comfortable is your 'shop' ?

Originally Posted by dodge dude94 View Post
At least you guys have roofs over your heads! My shop is my overly sunny and sweltering back porch with picnic table.
I guess it comes with the territory, eh?
Pretty much until you get your own territory, or is that yours?
At 18 these days it's 50/50 you still live with the folks.

I like working outdoors for some things like engine prep when the weather is nice which is over half the year, just not right now however.
I also like to have the door open for the fresh air when I'd rather be indoors and I have just the door for it, an 8' wide sliding glass door.

This shot is from my work bench.

That big red blog out back behind the BBQ used to be the umbrella for that round table on the far left, I didn't put it down last night and a storm snapped it in two which is a real bummer in summer.

Anyway if you can't find or make room indoors at least you have pretty good weather and a picnic table to work on and that sure beats just using the driveway ;-}
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