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Default Re: Painting the engine

Originally Posted by VENICE BOY View Post
There are many reasons I prefer the 2-strokes... they ARE cheaper, they have more torque, they have fewer parts to break, I like that they have a real clutch (not a centrifugal), they look like real motorcycle engines, they have engine braking, the gear boxes in the 4-strokes suck!, you never have to check your oil, the list goes on!!
Probably the main thing with me is that they look soooo much cooler than all the other engines out there! (looking cool is very important!)
No doubt. But I was looking at a 4-stroke kit, and other than the red cover, they don't look to bad. Those can probably be removed or painted, pinstriped or whatever. The two strokes do look better and I am used to a clutch too. I had a chance to cruise on a 4 stoke and dug it pretty well. My current proj has changed quite a bit due to donations. I got a chicks mt bike, and three weedwacker motors, so I got some figuring out to do. Been reading Deacon's posts for clues and pointers and what not. I think I'm gonna mount it low and use a chain, keep the clutch til it blows up.
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