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Default Re: Reasons for riding MB

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
The beer store is over 2 miles from my trailer park. After getting arrested for drunk driving for the umteenth time I decided I needed an alternative form of transportation, especially since they took my license, insurance, and pickup truck away from me for life. That's going to be a long time since I'm only 22 and a half years old. Anyway back to the point, the other day I overheard some other drunks in the holding tank talking about riding motor bicycles to get their booze, and how you don't even need a license to ride with a sack of 40s. I knew right then that motor bicycles were for me. As soon as I get my next government disability check I'm going to buy a used motor bicycle, a 4 stroke, so I can stop having to walk to the beer store all the time. I'm looking forward to getting drunk, and maybe riding with you all sometime. Cheers!!
Whoa I lol'd at that one. But seriously I keep the 40's in my back-pack, not the plastic bag it throws off the bikes balance.
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