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Default Re: How comfortable is your 'shop' ?

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
I know the vast majority of people here just build a bike or two and work on maintaining and improving them in whatever spot they can find when they need to.

When I first started that was my back patio.
In short a concrete slap with a roof that faced West, and that is not the direction you want to be facing in the afternoon in Phoenix in summer.

I'm sure some of you have way worse conditions so share how 'uncomfortable' your work space is with pics if you can.


Then there are some of us with shops we spend a great deal of time in.

I figure I spend 14 hours a weekday and 5 on weekend days average in mine, with those hours and my penchant to walk around bare foot and wanting to sit comfortably when I dumped that last house I looked for a place to rent that was all about the shop space.

I know, how cool is that?
Rent a place to live based on the shop space hehehe ;-}

When my landlord showed it to me I told him my plan and that the brand new thick padded white carpet would be utterly destroyed and need replacing when I moved out, he was OK with that!
So here you have it after a year and half of use.

First and most important is the 'work bay'.
(NOTE: clicking an image will bring up a huge version of the pic)

That wood rack is really cool, a shopmate built it.
It mounts to the floor on a swivel at the front so I can align the back tire entry point any direction I want yet the rack itself don't move around while I work on it.
Note the oscillating fan that blows air back and forth to each chair.

Anyway a couple padded chairs and if I have to sit on the floor no problem, it may be dirty but it's still comfortable ;-}

Of course I needed parts storage room and a work bench.
You can't see it very well from this shot from my desk chair but I have a bunch of shelves filled with most anything I need and a big work surface with the tools I need.

Ya, that is Elvira, she has been watching over me for a couple of decades now.

I have some pretty competent helpers now, their hours vary as does the work so I spend most of my shop time sitting at my desk doing office work and playing around on the net like now so that had to be the most comfortable.

It looks pretty crappy...

Actually the whole shop looks crappy but I took function over flare for the whole shop and got what I wanted.

Starting from the left that is my helmet, glasses and gloves on the filing cabinet right next to where the giant sliding glass door opens to put on and take off when I go ride.
When it's that easy I never forget.

I won't go into my computer but I have owned and operated my own computer biz since 1982 so suffice it to say it rocks.
The shelf above the desk has miscellaneous things I like close at hand and remote a controlled audio system with and Aux in to play my streaming Pandora commercial free Internet customized music direct from the PC.

In the middle is my long time favorite rolling swivel office chair with a second set of pads and what looks something from the '90's, a real land line, paper calender, and analog clock.
You have to be sitting in my chair to appreciate that.

On the right is an industrial table and chair.
That black box is a mini frig with the cold things I like to keep close at hand and above it is a remote controlled AC unit.


Ya, I'm spoiled but I build from home for a living.
What conditions have you set up for your own work areas?
Don't be surprised if I stop by and see you a little on this year. I do like the desert.
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