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Default In need of a sprocket..

Ok, maybe I'm just getting too tired, but I've been racking my brain trying to find a 10 tooth 5/8" bore sprocket that will be compatible with my bicycle chain rings. I searched and searched and then realized that they sell them at SBP but, and no offense to the guys at SBP as they have been very helpful, if I get charged the $10 shipping the price tag of nearly $30 is going to feel a bit steep for me. I emailed Pablo to see if I can even get a 10 tooth from him since it isn't actually listed as a sale item on the site.. I think he will as he sold me the freewheel crank setup which isn't listed either.
As best as I can figure out, it is a #415 sprocket that I need..but I'm really not sure because I can't seem to find exacting specifications for #415 chains so I don't actually know if that is the same chain that is used on a mountain bike. I do know for sure however that the mountain bike chain has 3/32" roller width and a 1/2" pitch.

Does anybody know where I can get a cheap and compatible sprocket from?
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