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Talking Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Rode the bike around the block a few dozen times just putting miles on her and checking everything for durability. No problems so far, even though I'm using stock kit chain at the moment. Everything is still tight and true.
Re-torqued the head and the rag joint, both were good. No changes in spoke tension or wheel shape. The hub on this build was absolutely perfect for the sprocket hole to center itself correctly making this a very easy rag joint install!
Motor is still blubbery and puking as it breaks in. I run around varying throttle constantly with a few full pulls through the available revs to help seat the rings. Notching the piston skirt seems to have made it run richer even though the needle is in the second slot per my usual. The engine seems tighter and less buzzy than most of my recent kits so I'm hoping for good results!
Looks like I picked a decent engine to fully tear-down and port match.
The bike itself needs taller bars quite badly. It is murder on the wrists as it sits. I'm looking at some 10-12" rise BMX bars if I can mod the neck for the front brake cable. Straight bars are very uncomfortable for this frame.
So far, So good!
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