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Default Re: Is there a Canadian version of this site?

How about instead of being a dick about it I kept quiet and didn't say anything at all? Acknowledgment? The first post you made about my spokes was after I said I had already fixed the spoke and I was back working on the chain. The chain is the main thing. The spoke was a side issue.

Speeddemon has a decent price on a chain but the shipping cost is more than the cost of the chain itself and for the cost of their shipping I could catch a bus and take the 2 hour ride to Hamilton and back and have one the same day instead of waiting a week for shipping. Problem is I don't have that $ right now and in fact I don't even have enough for the chain itself now that I had that tensioner built. Not everyone is loaded with extra money.

On the 2nd link you sent the problem is not with my axl moving forward as I tighten the axl nut down with my shoe. The axl does not go anywhere. The problem is with the stock chain stretching.

Why would I get into a big discussion about something that is no longer valid?

Chain has too much slack -> get tensioner made -> Slack no longer an issue

Tensioner snaps chain -> Confused -> have a few smokes -> relook & start to find issues-> get things put back together -> Chain fixed -> snapped chain no longer an issue -> move on -> issue now is jamming tensioner.

I don't sit hovering at my computer all day. I only sign a few times a day. Yes I skim the posts of replies that has been mentioned but if its something that has already been fixed is there any reason to get into a big discussion about it? No I move on to the next problem.

Thank you to all the people that have replied to my questions.

There acknowledged.

Yes I was pissed off when I first came on but I think anyone would be pissed after flying over their handlebars and having the bike land on them due to a stretched chain. Not to mention this happened about 100 feet behind a parked Niagara Regional Police cruiser car. $5000 possible fine if you get caught with these here. Wonder if he didn't see it or if he did see it and just didn't bother doing anything because I stood up right away and he figured I was OK but didn't wan't to make my day any more ****ty than it already was?? This is my 3rd bike and I have never flipped over the bars before or had these kinds of problems on any of the others.

Now that I have things back together, I come on here and make a calm post trying to explain everything with pictures and all now that I am starting to get things figured out and try to have a reasonable discussion after things are pieced back together before I go and try to start it again and snap the chain again from the tensioner jamming up again or flip over the bars again or some stupid ****.

And its just NOW you call me out for misbehaviour after my calm and collected post??? LOL wow its almost like you are trying to provoke just cause you know how easy it is to get me pissed or something. I'm not even thinking about myself. I'm thinking of solutions to a problem with this stupid bike.

Now....How is this for misbehavior... **** this forum. Mod/admins please delete my profile/name on here (NOT temporarily suspend but fully delete it permanently) as I have no use for this place anymore. There now I feel better too and will feel even better when I try to log in when morning comes and get a message saying my username and password is invalid/disabled.
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